Mom Called Her Son At A Sleepover And Noticed He Sounded Weird, Quickly Realizes Why

Like any high school student, Cody Dietz enjoyed spending time with his friends more than other activities – like being with mom.

He had slept at his friends’ houses numerous times and would often enjoy Netflix binges or hours of video games on Friday nights or the weekend.

But after one visit to a friend’s, his mom hadn’t heard from him for hours. She grew worried.

When she didn’t hear from him the next morning, she started to panic – Cody had never ignored her for this long no matter how mad he was at her. She gave him a call. And that’s when she heard the strangeness in his voice that confirmed her worst fears…

Cody grew up in York, Pennsylvania and for all extent and purposes, he was a normal kid. At least he was until life changed for the teen in 2008.

His life had been the epitome of normal. He lived at home with mom, Bonnie, his dad and sister. Cody loved being with his friends. He often spent the night at his friends’ houses to hang out.

But in June 2008, Cody decided to do some drinking. He went out with his friends and binge drank until he was hammered, then he decided to stay over his friend’s house so mom wouldn’t find out.

The next day, Bonnie was terrified. Cody hadn’t come home and didn’t pick up his phone when she called repeatedly.

Their panic escalated. Then a friend called Cody’s parents. The friend held the phone up to Cody, but all his parents heard was gargling. Something was horrifically wrong with this “normal” 17-year-old boy…

An adult came on the phone and told Cody’s parents the truth.

Mom Called Her Son At A Sleepover And Noticed He Sounded Weird, Quickly Realizes Why

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