She’s Baffled by ‘Heavy’ Diaper Bag. Then Finds Hole in Liner and Reaches Inside…

Southern Oregon business owner Sarah Thomas was perusing her local Goodwill when she spotted a designer diaper bag that would be perfect for her resale store.

She snatched up the typically expensive item for a mere $3 — but later made a discovery inside the bag that was priceless.

We’ve seen some impressive secondhand store finds before, like this Salvation Army couch stuffed full of cash.

Most of the time, bringing home a secondhand item is pretty uneventful, but every once in awhile, a newfound item makes for a pretty exciting story.

Thomas is the owner of Sarah’s Southern Oregon 2nd Hand Deals, selling primarily purses, bags, shoes, and clothing.

As she began to clean her latest thrift find in preparation for resale, Thomas noticed the bag felt oddly heavy.

Peering inside, the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag appeared empty until Thomas dug a little deeper. She found a hole ripped inside the bag’s liner, and inside the hole was a small digital camera.

Curious, Thomas powered the camera on and found dozens of photos of a woman with a young boy.

Thomas instantly knew that those cherished memories belonged back in the hands of the rightful owner — if she could find her.

So Thomas took to Facebook, asking if anyone knew the mystery people in the pictures. “I want to make sure they get their camera and most definitely their SD card,” Thomas wrote.

She’s Baffled by ‘Heavy’ Diaper Bag. Then Finds Hole in Liner and Reaches Inside…

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