Mom Has To Deliver Via C-Section. Now Watch When The Baby Crawls Out…

While there are many different medical reasons for this high rate, some mothers elect to give birth in this fashion for their own reasons.

But the C-section, for all its good points, also has some drawbacks as well. Often, the baby is quickly whisked away by the doctors, which for a new mother can be quite a troublesome experience.

After 9 months of carrying this tiny baby inside of you, it can be quite the shock to suddenly be separated without even getting the chance to say “hello!” And for the baby, the important bonding in these precious early moments of life can be cut short by the doctors caring, but sometimes cold, hands.

But nowadays, a new form of giving birth is slowly becoming more and more popular. Simply called a “natural caesarean,” essentially what happens is a small incision is made in the mother’s belly, just like a regular

C-section, but instead of pulling the baby out, the doctors all stand back and slowly let the baby wiggle and climb their way out into the world.

Studies and research are still underway, but proponents for this new technique explain how wonderful it truly is. The baby usually takes about 4 minutes to come out into the world;

not only is this form of birth not as intense as a regular birth or C-section, but after the baby has climbed out, they can lay on their mother’s stomachs in what can only be described as a perfect way to bond.

This form of birth is much more calm and slow for the baby, so it’s no wonder why so many people are trying it! The mother in the video below describes it best on her YouTube, “If you are unable to give birth naturally, having a natural caesarean is the next best thing!”

Warning: While there is no blood in the video below, the images might be intense for some of our viewers…

Mom Has To Deliver Via C-Section. Now Watch When The Baby Crawls Out…

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