She Takes Final Photo Of Grandparents, Then Looks Closer, Sees Something That Makes Her Gasp

There are many different kinds of love, but perhaps the rarest is the one we are all searching for – the one that lasts a lifetime and does not diminish, but grows as the years march on.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to experience this type of love knows just how special it is. Just ask Lauretta Burke. She and her husband, James, were married for 64 years and their simple but beautiful love has gone on to inspire thousands.

James and Lauretta met in 1945 when James returned home after World War II. A neighbor introduced him to Lauretta and he was instantly smitten.

Though he was ready to make Lauretta his wife right away, she insisted on finishing college first. She graduated from Mt. Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on a Tuesday and the pair were married the following Saturday, the beginning of a love for the ages.

The Burkes settled in Akron, Ohio, and raised nine children together. Their five daughters and four sons are all married and have happy, healthy relationships, a fact the couple’s granddaughter, Colleen Muldoon, credits to the model the Burkes set forth.

“On each of his daughters’ wedding days, [James] would say, ‘The greatest thing you can do is to never stop loving your children’s mother,’” Colleen said.

Over the years the family expanded to include 23 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, and they all remained close. James organized several reunions throughout his life, including one to Ireland to trace their roots.

Sadly, Lauretta was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease several years ago. Colleen said her grandfather quickly stepped up to take care of her and make sure no big family events were forgotten.

“Once she started being forgetful, he’d step up and remember the birthdays and graduations,” Colleen said. “My grandma was the stubborn one in the beginning, but at the end her mind failed her, which was really hard to see.”

A few years later, James had to undergo surgery to implant a pacemaker in his heart, but complications took him in and out of the hospital for months. The family knew his body was giving out, but he wasn’t ready to leave his beloved wife.

She Takes Final Photo Of Grandparents, Then Looks Closer, Sees Something That Makes Her Gasp

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