While In Line At Walmart, Stranger Says Her Son Is Repulsive. Her Response Is Perfect

Even though the world has progressed a lot in the last few hundred years, ignorance is still around every corner. It seems to be a constant battle of light against darkness.

When people don’t know something or don’t understand it, they are usually afraid of it or hateful or contemptuous. When someone takes a moment to look at something from another person’s perspective, they’ll realize that they can relate to it.

Just recently, young mom Dallas Fowler was in the check-out line at her local Walmart when she came across ignorance face to face.

Fowler realized that her 2-year-old son Jameus wanted a little hug, so doing what any mom would do, she picked him up and gave him a quick cuddle. During the hug, the boy’s shirt lifted up revealing his colostomy bags – and the customer behind Fowler in line had a fit…

The little boy’s colostomy bags cover his stomas and collect the waste his body expels. Stomas connect an opening in the colon to the surface of the abdomen.

The other Walmart customer thought the sight of the boy’s colostomy bags was nightmarish. So she shrieked and told Fowler to cover up her “repulsive” boy. The woman demanded to know why Jameus was disfigured, like it was any of her business…

Fowler told the woman he had the colostomy bags because “his colon didn’t finish forming so he needed them.”

The other customer still thought the boy was disgusting and wasn’t afraid to say it to the mother’s face. So the mom walked to another checkout line where people were not so judgmental.

Because Jameus has Hirschsprung’s disease, a condition that results in problems with the large intestine, the little boy has been forced to undergo more than 20 surgeries with more scheduled in the future.

While In Line At Walmart, Stranger Says Her Son Is Repulsive. Her Response Is Perfect

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