Doctors Thought She Was Lying, Then X-Ray Revealed…

Slavery was not completely abolished in the 1800s.

Modern day slavery involves the use of violence, threats, bondage and manipulation to force people to engage in physical labor or even sex acts. Human traffickers earn thousands of billions of dollars each year, according to Polaris Project.

A woman recently brought to light the seedy underworld slavery that exists in our world when she visited an emergency room. The woman complained about having a tracker in her body.

Her doctor, at first thought she was making it up. After an exam, they found a small incision had been made in her skin. They found just under her skin a tracking device no larger than a grain of rice!

The tracker was a RFID (Radio-frequency identification chip) – just like the ones implanted in dogs or cats.

The doctors asked the woman how the tracker got there, and she told them her boyfriend had been selling her to other men for money. Human trafficking = modern day slavery.

The Polaris Project estimates that globally, there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking. Sixty-eight of them are trapped in forced labor, fifty-five percent are women and girls, and twenty-six percent are children.

Know the signs. Human trafficking could be happening in your area.

A person who avoids eye contact, lacks health care, appears malnourished, or shows fear and submissive behavior may be a victim.

You can call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Visit the Polaris Project website for more information.

Doctors Thought She Was Lying, Then X-Ray Revealed…

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