Girls Post Video Online, Viewers Become Disturbed…

A recent video has exposed the twisted sense of humor of three teen girls from Nassau County, Florida after they shared a video on Snapchat of them grabbing a rabbit by its throat and repeatedly hurling it at a wall. Throughout the video, the three girls are giggling like idiots.

After the incident, an x-ray showed that the poor rabbit had a broken leg due to the girls’ torture treatment.

Since the video went viral, the three girls, 13 and 14, were locked up in a Jacksonville juvenile detention facility. Hopefully, they will remain there for a while or until they learn why it’ wrong to torture animals.

Apparently, the entire animal cruelty video was shared on the “Nassau County, Florida… Rants, Raves, and Reviews” Facebook page where it went viral. It’s included below.

But be warned. The clip included at the bottom of this post is GRAPHIC. You may feel sick to your stomach.

Not only do the girls giggle as they torture the harmless bunny, the throw it against the wall and even kick it as it tries to run to safety.

Hopefully, these girls learn why it’s wrong to torture animals.

Girls Post Video Online, Viewers Become Disturbed…

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