Grandma Puts Baby To Bed, Security Camera…

Grandmas are known as the best babysitters out there. They’ve got experience. They’ve got love and tender care.

This grandma has all that and something else: height challenge. Nikki Sharp Bishop posted the video of grandma babysitting with the disclaimer, “Mom is going to kill me, but I had to post.”

What she didn’t know was that grandma’s babysitting would get over 50 million views – and laughs to go along with it!

With a baby monitor set up in the nursery, mom Nikki can keep an eye on her one year old at all times.

She didn’t expect that she would need to check on little Lola during grandma’s babysitting, but when she happened upon the footage, she couldn’t help but share the hilarious moment.

This will be like something you’ve never seen before.

Watch the video to see the little baby fast asleep in grandma Valerie’s arms. Soon, that changes, but under the most hilarious of circumstances!

After seeing little Lola was perfectly fine, friends and family alike shared the video with smiles.

Nikki shares, “We are so happy that everyone is laughing over this video. the world needed a good laugh.” And after you see the video, you won’t be able to stop laughing, either!

Grandma Puts Baby To Bed, Security Camera…

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