Sunburnt runner suffers ‘gruesome” pus-filled leg blisters after jog

Sunburnt runner shocked as ‘gruesome’ pus-filled orange sacs appear on her legs after extreme 69-mile jog along Hadrian’s Wall

Julie Nisbet, 34, ran 69 miles along Hadrian’s Wall while being cooked by the sun
When she finished 21 hours later, she began to see small orange balls on her legs
They soon grew into enormous pus-filled sacs and left her in complete agony

A long-distance runner was left with large pus-filled orange blisters on her legs after suffering from devastating sunburn during a 69-mile jog.

Mum-of-two Julie Nisbet, 34, was running from coast to coast along Hadrian’s Wall between Carlisle and Newcastle for an ultra-run called ‘The Wall.’

But after completing the 21-hour mega-marathon on Saturday last week, Julie noticed small sacs of pus bubbling up across her red-raw calves.

After ‘screeching in pain’ and covering the blisters in bandages, she went to the hospital – but the ‘gruesome’ blobs only grew larger.

The blisters grew in size (Picture: Julie Nisbet)
It was Julie’s first ultra-run (Picture: Julie Nisbet)
The blisters may have been caused by sunburn (Picture: Julie Nisbet)


Julie, a mother-of-two, Said ‘I had started to feel the sunburn during the run, but I didn’t notice the blisters until after I finished.
‘They started off small, but I was in pain and when I went to the hospital and had bandages put on.’

But within days the blisters grew to an enormous size.
The pus-filled boils made for a horrifying review when Julie had her bandages changed.
The charity worker and photographer from Shildon, County Durham, is unsure whether the boils were caused by extreme sunburn or Giant Hogweed.

She will remember to reapply sun cream next time (Picture: Julie Nisbet)
The runner is expected to make a full recovery (Picture: Julie Nisbet)

Julie said: ‘The nurse who saw me ever mentioned Hogweed, they just seemed to assume it was sunburn.
‘It wasn’t until a couple of days ago a friend suggested it could cause the blisters.

I don’t remember coming across any Hogweed, but the last twenty or thirty miles we were running through a forest.’
Fortunately, Julie’s boils are now starting to go down, and her nurse believes her skin will recover well.
But while Julie says the incident has not put her off running, she will not be remaking similar mistakes.
‘I will be making sure I reapply my sun cream when I’m running in the future.’


Sunburnt runner suffers ‘gruesome” pus-filled leg blisters after jog

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