Once a cat has grasped the idea of using door handles, there’s not a single chance that you can stop them from doing it. This devilish cat won’t let a large slab of wood get in the way of his adventures.

Kristian Svenson just wanted to sleep peacefully at night, but his cat named Mulder kept jumping up to open the door handle and coming out of the room. He closes the door with the cat inside, Mulder opens to get out. He closes it with Mulder outside, the cat opens the door to get back in.

At this point, Kristian had had enough of Mulder’s behaviour so he decided to put a stop to it with a cunning plan.

He placed a tub of water in front of the door to act as a moat. Did it manage to stop his tenacious feline? You’ll have to watch the video to see for yourself.

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