Being the parent of a two-year-old can be both a test of strength and the greatest reward. As their little personalities are really beginning to show through, they are also beginning to test their boundaries and are constantly curious about their surroundings.

That’s definitely true for two-year-old Abi, so when Dad Jose Moncayo was called to appear for a case in traffic court, his first thought was to get a sitter for her. However, he wasn’t able to find one for her and ended up bring her along to the courthouse.

A surveillance camera outside of the courtroom picked up footage of Jose and Abi as they sat outside waiting for Jose’s turn to go before the judge.

Abi can be seen running around the area and playing. At one point she even wanders far enough away that Jose has to get up off the bench to retrieve her.

When it came time for Jose to go inside the courtroom, he was told that he wasn’t allowed to bring Abi inside with him. At only two-years-old, Abi was much too young to be left on her own, so this whole situation was on the brink of becoming a disaster for Jose.

That’s when a miracle appeared in the form of a police officer.

Kevin Norris had been sitting in the hallway with Jose and Abi while he waited for his turn to appear in court for another traffic court case. When he noticed Jose’s predicament, he stepped in to save the day by offering to watch Abi.

“I’ve got kids myself,” Kevin told 2News. “I know what it is to have rambunctious kids, and it’s hard to take them anywhere.”

While Jose was in the courtroom, Kevin took great care of Abi. Together the two walked hand in hand to get water and treats for Abi from other deputies in the courthouse.

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