It sounds like one of those riddles we told as kids that seemed impossible to answer: “One baby was born first, but the other has been alive longer. How is this possible?” For the Ogg family, though, this is no riddle – it’s their life.

In 2010, David and Kate Ogg were excitedly awaiting the birth of their twins. But when Kate went into labor on March 25 at only 27 weeks, they grew concerned.

Kate gave birth to a boy and a girl. She and David were ecstatic. Just a few minutes later, though, doctors came back with some heartbreaking news.

They asked the parents if they had chosen a name for the boy yet. The Oggs said they had named him Jamie.

Then the doctors told them Jamie hadn’t made it. His lungs were underdeveloped, they said; he hadn’t been able to breathe. Heartbroken, Kate asked if she could hold her son and say goodbye.

“I’d carried him inside me for only six months – not long enough – but I wanted to meet him, and to hold him, and for him to know us,” Kate recalled. “We’d resigned ourselves to the fact that we were going to lose him, and we were just trying to make the most of those last, precious moments.”

The doctors brought Jamie over to her and laid the tiny baby on her chest. Kate held her son, soaking in the only precious moments she would ever get with him…and then something miraculous happened.

“He suddenly gasped. Then he opened his eyes,” Kate recalled. “He was breathing and grabbing Dave’s finger.”

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