When an old man in Russia passed away, his dog was given to the last people on earth who should have ever owned a pet.

Over the course of the next year, this Bobtail dog was neglected by his new owners and supplied with just enough food and water to keep him breathing. His thick coat, which desperately needed regular grooming, became so heavily matted that he could barely walk.

After 12 nightmarish months, rescuers heard about the poor dog, rescued him to safety, and named him Cocos.

Bobtails are a breed of Old English Sheepdogs that grow a particularly thick coat. It took six workers several hours to shave Cocos and groom him properly, only to reveal abscesses and sores underneath. The workers filled several liter-bags with his matted hair!

Finally, the beautiful pup buried underneath all that fur was freed.

Miraculously, Cocos found a loving forever home with a woman named Elena, who helped him make a full recovery. She was reportedly very familiar with Bobtails and provides him with everything he requires — plenty of exercise, lots of attention, and of course, regular grooming sessions.

Just wait until you see what Cocos looks like today…

After an old man passed away, his Bobtail dog was given to a new family who neglected him for 12 months. His fur grew so matted he could barely walk or breath.

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