All pet owners would agree their pet is a member of the family. Unfortunately, losing a beloved pet is an inevitable part of pet ownership.

It’s always difficult to watch as an old pet succumbs to sickness or old age. Many decide to euthanize their pet to avoid prolonging its suffering.

That’s just what one woman, Tawny Coates, decided to do when her beloved boxer, Zoey, fell ill. Zoey was almost 10 years old when she developed a tumor on her back and began having seizures.

The Coates family knew the end was near. Unable to take the dog to the vet for the final time, Coates asked her father to do it.

She said goodbye to Zoey and let her father take her away. Coates paid $215 for euthanasia and cremation, and the vet even sent her a condolence card in the mail.

The family grieved, and her children took the loss especially hard. Six months later, Coates began looking for a rescue dog to help heal the hole in their hearts.

She knew she wanted another boxer, so she found a Facebook page that provided information on boxer rescues. What she found caused her jaw to drop.

There, staring up at her, was Zoey. At first, she thought she was crazy. Then, she looked closer. She became convinced she was looking at the dog who had passed away six months earlier.

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