When your child is sick, really sick, and requires hospitalization, it can be a frightening time for everyone. The pint-sized patient, parents and even siblings can be nervous about the entire situation, particularly the procedures and staying over in a strange hospital.

It’s incredibly helpful to have a team of medical professionals, especially a doctor, who is compassionate and caring. That bond between a doctor and a young patient can be critical in alleviating any worries the wee one has.

So when one mom had not just her ill child in the hospital, but that child’s three siblings present, too, mom was a bit on edge. Mom already had enough to worry about with one sick child, so when the doctor approached her other kids she knew something was up.

They were at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, when Dr. Chima Matthew entered the room. He could sense that the patient’s siblings were worried about their sister. 

So Dr. Matthew did something so incredibly unexpected that mom had to videotape it. She could be heard chuckling throughout the video.

Dr. Matthew decided to lighten the somber mood in the bleak hospital room by playing some dance music. Then he asked the three sisters to dance with him!

Decked out in his green scrubs with a stethoscope around his neck, Dr. Matthew draws the three nervous sisters into a half circle to boogie with him. The oldest sister really gets into it.

Dr. Matthew throws in a few dabs and even has a hilarious zombie-like dance move. He heads toward the patient’s bed, which prompts her to giggle, too.

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