Stephan October 7, 2017

Would you get rid of your Dog to follow your partner… And would you do it by throwing him in the trash?

I highly doubt that any sane human being would do such a horrible act.  No one in his right mind would think that getting rid of your Dog is a right decision.

And no human would ever think that the best way to get rid of your dog is to throw in the trash!

But you know, there is evil in this world and many people are doing acts that can only be described as being ‘evil’. I simply can not find any other word. While Nathan Bennie, a trash collector, was on his daily rounds he was shocked when he looked into one of the trash cans.

What he saw in there was unbelievable.  Inside there was a Dog, she was very weak, she was starving to the point where he could see all her bones through the skin.

He was shocked, he immediately took the dog out and gave her his lunch, called the nearest animal shelter and her waited with her for their arrival.

He didn’t believe the situation, how would a dog end up there, and why!

The truth was soon revealed, because every criminal has to do one stupid thing, and this was just the case.

The owner of the dog forgot that the dog was micro-shipped, and that they could get her, and they did. Once they located her she was arrested.

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5 thoughts on “She Wanted To Follow Her Boyfriend so She Threw Her Dog In The Trash!

  1. I love stories with happy endings, but the writing drives me nuts. You refer to this dog as he and she throughout the story. So is it a female or a male? Can’t be both. And in the same sentence two different times.

  2. What no humane society’s around her. I don’t think the term “human” should be used in the same sentence. How can you do an act like that, and no I would never leave my dog/pet for someone who made that a condition of a relationship. Not to be argumentative, but in the first comment, all that was mentioned of this post of gruelity was whether the dog was male or female, and it was not noted. Oh well, thanks to the kindness of the trash collector!!!

  3. Humans are the worst Evil there is animals have more heart and love in one paw than most humans have in their whole body which is why I would take an animal over most humans any day

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