Oftentimes when we speak of love we talk about sweeping romantic gestures and great acts of selflessness and courage. While those things are wonderful, everyday love doesn’t usually look like that.

Most of the time, love is displayed in the little things – washing the dishes when your partner is tired, letting them watch the show they like, bringing home some flowers “just because.”

Love doesn’t have to look big – often it’s the small gestures that are the most meaningful.

Amy Betters-Midtvedt and her husband, Todd Midtvedt, seem to have this pretty well figured out. Amy is a writer for Hiding in the Closet with Coffee and a recent post of hers went viral after she described the simple thing Todd did to show her love.

“Listen up young ones,” she wrote. “This is what your knight in shining armor looks like when you are in your 40s.”

Amy described how she had gone grocery shopping and loaded up her cart with supplies for the family. However, when she got to the checkout line, she couldn’t find her wallet anywhere.

Panicked, she called Todd who left work immediately and came to her rescue.

“Not sure you can tell, but he’s smiling at me,” Amy wrote in the caption of the photo. “Yup…he had to leave work and he is smiling. His only words of admonishment were, ‘You’re not supposed to be grocery shopping; I said I’d go this week.’”

Amy went on to describe the many little ways Todd shows her love every day. She wants her readers – especially the younger ones who often have an idealistic view of love – to recognize that love isn’t always a fairytale; sometimes it’s mundane and even downright hard.

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