Feeling comfortable in your own skin is difficult at any age. Whether you’re a teen who is just entering high school or an older person about to go to their child’s wedding, it’s hard to feel okay about your looks.

That’s exactly what Bev was experiencing just weeks before her daughter’s wedding. That’s why she reached out to the Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, and asked for his help.

While sitting in Christopher’s salon chair, Bev revealed the fact that she’s felt invisible for years and wanted to feel alive again.

With a little snipping, trimming, coloring and conversation, Christopher was able to transform Bev from an average middle-aged woman to a vivacious lady!

Not only did her appearance change, but something clicked within Bev and she seemed to be a whole new person! It’s amazing what a boost in Bev’s self-esteem did for entire outlook on life.

Watching Bev’s expressions throughout the video below is heartwarming. She’s smiling and radiant!

She’s laughing along with Christopher and conversing like they’re old friends. She truly cannot contain her excitement for this makeover and is jubilant thinking of the outcome.

Her family watches on from the wings, excited to see what magic Christopher will work to bring their mom out of her shell. They can be seen in the video, eagerly observing the makeover process.

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